Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sleeping Pattern

I can't tell you how many times people ask "does she sleep well?" - how exactly to answer that question. You are, after all, only 3 months what constitutes sleeping well at this point? I suppose any period of time longer than one hour so that I can get some sleep as well is good enough for me.

Right now you seem to be developing a pretty regular habit. You sleep quite a bit during the day - which is worrisome at times because I wonder whether you will be up all night. But because we just moved into a new apartment it is convenient because it has given me time to put you down in your cradle and get unpacking down. You then sleep between 4-5hrs starting around midnight each night. That is a huge improvement from just one month ago when you were sleeping in increments of two hours.

That is right, you sleep in a cradle. The same cradle your father slept in, his siblings slept in, his cousins slept in, and almost all of his cousins' children slept in it as well. It has a lot of history that cradle...and for awhile you weren't a fan. But I got your number little girl - you suffer from the Princess and the Pea syndrome. It wasn't until I put down your fathers comfy squishy quilt into the cradle that you decided it was good enough for you to sleep in.

Well, this week the mattress for your new crib should arrive. And then we'll see about where you'll sleep then. In the very least you are taking naps in your the crib and we'll eventually phase out the cradle at night. It may be a battle of endurance to see who prevails. You or me? Who knows, maybe you'll love the crib - I'll make sure there are no peas under the mattress. xoxo Mommy

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