Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rock-a-bye Baby

At this VERY are sleeping in your crib for the first time ever!  Yay!  

Yesterday the mattress arrived and when Daddy came home I insisted that we put it in the crib before we went to be so that you could sleep in there for your naps today.  We put it in, threw some sheets on it, and then I placed you in it just to see if how you reacted.  

Guess what.  You loved it!  You stretched out and smiled.  It was great.  You love our bed so I suppose that is what you may have been comparing it to in your little head.  Your own personal bed.  It was awesome - and Daddy videotaped it all.  

This morning I put you down for your morning nap.  You woke up about 15 minutes into your nap...but I gave you back your pacifier and you closed your eyes.  It has been about 35 minutes and counting.  Fingers crossed - I hope you are having some sweet dreams.

xoxo Mommy

Catch Your Eye

Over the last month there have been certain items around the apartment that have really caught your attention.  Of course I already told you that you are obsessed with the ceiling fan - and that remains true.  But as of late you have a few additional friends...

One is your mobile.  Apparently your mobile must talk back to you in your imagination because you really enjoy lying in your cradle talking to it.  It is an Infant Stim-Mobile and so I change the pieces occasionally.  Just recently I changed the pieces from all black and white to those with color.  It is pretty amazing because you notice which pieces have changed and you inspect them carefully.  I am sure you want to make sure these newcomers are up to par to your other buddies on the mobile. 

Another new friend is the pattern on your swing.  Just the other day I noticed that you were suspiciously quiet in your swing...I looked over and Daddy and I noticed that you had turned your head and were simply staring at your swing chair fabric.  Obviously I made a good choice when I picked it out - I chose it because it has some of my favorite colors, brown and grown.  But I think you like it because it is a very intricate paisley pattern.  To be perfectly honest I worry about you going cross-eyed looking at it, on the other as a textile artist I encourage your exploration of textile patterns. 
And last, but not least, is a set of silk peonies that I have.  For some reason you think those flowers are Hilarious!  You just look at them and laugh...and you get the biggest smile.  I am not sure what jokes they are telling you but apparently they are a riot.  I can't wait to see what else catches your eye as time goes on.  

xoxo Mommy

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pouty Face

I haven't told you about probably the cutest thing about you yet. The Pouty Face. Yup, that is right. You have the most adorable pout. You literally make an upside down "U" with your mouth. It is cute, funny, touching, and just too much!

As soon as the "U" appears we know what is coming...a few whimpers and eventually, if there is no change in the circumstances that resulted in the pout, full blown crying. Of course that isn't pleasant. But the pout is the best prelude there has ever been to a baby's cry.

Someday you'll roll your eyes when I tell this story.

xoxo Mommy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet Dreams

This morning you woke up with the biggest "aaaaah" and then looked at me and smiled. I can't handle are too cute.

Right now I am researching jobs that might help our family have some more security - financial security that is. And you are peacefully sleeping in your swing, with one little barefoot sticking off your chair. I really appreciate your being so agreeable while I update my resume and etc. Stressful stuff.

Hopefully your dreams are happy ones. xoxo Mommy

Monday, April 27, 2009

Film Review

Last night Daddy and I watched our small little collection of home videos. Basically we sat down and while I fed you we watched the 48 little short clips of you growing up over the last 3 months. It was absolutely adorable, endearing, nostalgic, and in some ways scary. I teared up because I couldn't believe how much you've grown in only 3 months.

The image that sticks in my head is the one of your little hand holding onto the tip of my finger. That video was taken on the day you were born. Your fingers were so tiny! And yet, I remember commenting on how big your hands looked for your body when you were born, such long fingers and beautiful nails.

Now you have grown into your hands a bit more. The most recent videos show you trying to shove both of those chubby hands and long fingers into your mouth! While, I might add, trying to talk. You want it all baby.

I have to give Daddy some props because he has been doing a good job of taping not only you in various positions and moods, he has also taped the dogs and (when I am not looking) me as well. Although it occurred to me last night that you may end up being a bit bitter as an older child if I don't end up taping more of Daddy himself! So, I am going to do my best to do that just for you. xoxo Mommy

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sleeping Pattern

I can't tell you how many times people ask "does she sleep well?" - how exactly to answer that question. You are, after all, only 3 months what constitutes sleeping well at this point? I suppose any period of time longer than one hour so that I can get some sleep as well is good enough for me.

Right now you seem to be developing a pretty regular habit. You sleep quite a bit during the day - which is worrisome at times because I wonder whether you will be up all night. But because we just moved into a new apartment it is convenient because it has given me time to put you down in your cradle and get unpacking down. You then sleep between 4-5hrs starting around midnight each night. That is a huge improvement from just one month ago when you were sleeping in increments of two hours.

That is right, you sleep in a cradle. The same cradle your father slept in, his siblings slept in, his cousins slept in, and almost all of his cousins' children slept in it as well. It has a lot of history that cradle...and for awhile you weren't a fan. But I got your number little girl - you suffer from the Princess and the Pea syndrome. It wasn't until I put down your fathers comfy squishy quilt into the cradle that you decided it was good enough for you to sleep in.

Well, this week the mattress for your new crib should arrive. And then we'll see about where you'll sleep then. In the very least you are taking naps in your the crib and we'll eventually phase out the cradle at night. It may be a battle of endurance to see who prevails. You or me? Who knows, maybe you'll love the crib - I'll make sure there are no peas under the mattress. xoxo Mommy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Room

Last night we spent the evening reorganizing your room. Which was pretty impressive considering half of the time you tried to foil our plans by crying - something about being hungry I believe. Of course our motivation was your new crib which is being delivered this morning. So we had to get a move on! (Baby's Dream Serenity in Antique Black)

We eventually got through it. Daddy and I moved the furniture 3 times before we got it Just Right. I'd like to point out that the furniture ended up in the exact spot I had envisioned the first time we saw your room. So there, my love, your mother has vision...just remember that in the future!

I am psyched to decorate your room. Abuelala is getting your cribset. It is a beautiful handmade set of oranges, almonds, beiges, and browns. The designer print fabric has little birds on it which will go great with my next idea...wall decals. The ones I want for your room are a birdcage decal. I think they will go really well with the French sleighbed style of your crib. I am also planning to paint an old wardrobe that used to belong to Boompa and put a birdcage decal on that as well.

I also want to find handles to replace the wood handles on the wardrobe. Maybe Aunt LDR will help Mommy's search for handles. Then paint of course to paint the wardrobe, Daddy is thinking an apple green which would go well with the black crib.

After that I think your room will be good to go. For now at least. I am sure I'll have another brainstorm in a week or so. xo Mommy


Before I forget - you are completely obsessed with our ceiling fan. I almost feel that I have to thank the powers that be that we moved into this new apartment because I do not know what we would have done without the ceiling fan. Even as I type this you are sitting in your swing periodically smiling as you stare at it. I am sure that you are not unique in your curiosity of the ceiling fan - it is a pretty mesmerizing apparatus. Daddy carries you around the apartment and calls it Mr. Fan. You seem to really enjoy it. Whenever you have periods of inconsolable crying...we rely on the ceiling fan as a comforting distraction.

Oh, sounds like I have to go change a diaper. Ha.

xo Mommy

Puppy Power

I am not sure we'll remember - and I hope we don't because it may seem like such a silly thing to worry about. But...before you were born we were greatly worried that the dogs would have an adverse reaction. Especially Portia, she isn't exactly known for her love of children. Of course we have a backup plan, and a backup to the backup plan should the day come that we can no longer have her in the house. Please don't misunderstand - I love Portia - she was one of my first babies...but at the end of the day she is still a dog and for your safety I will make hard choices.

Anyway, back to present day. You were sitting on the couch with your father, well more specifically, he was holding you on his left side and Portia sat on the couch on his right. Lo and behold, you take notice of Portia and start to lean in towards her. It almost appeared as if you were reaching out to touch her. Ha, Portia's worst nightmare perhaps realized. You were practically crawling over your father's lap to get to her...luckily Paisley moved around some food in her bowl and so Portia immediately jumped down to investigate that. Nevertheless...a new obsession for you may have begun?

Let me just point out that a few weeks ago Portia wouldn't even be caught dead on the couch anywhere NEAR you. So the fact that she was sitting so close, and while you were wiggling around, is a miracle. I am very impressed. Maybe she has decided you are acceptable - but other children beware! xo Mommy

Monday, April 20, 2009

And so it begins...

Today you are just shy of 3 months old. As your mother I decided I had to start a record of how you things are going! Why? Well because in just three short months you have changed sooo much. I want to be able to remember all the little things you do now as a baby so that someday, when you are older and care to know, I can remind you of how cute you used to be. There are already habits you started and stopped in just 12 weeks.

For instance, did you know that when you sneeze you make a little cooing noise afterward? You literally go "achoo...aaaaoooooh." It is absolutely adorable. Almost as if you are sighing and thinking, whew glad that is over, after you are done sneezing. But only recently, you have periodically stopped cooing after sneezing. I suppose you probably realized that it isn't a big deal why sigh about it? Nevertheless, it still squeezes my heart to hear that sigh, and before it is completely gone I wanted to make sure to remember to tell you all about it later.

Right now you are sitting in your swing completely annoyed to be in the chair right next to me but not being held by me. You are pretty peeved. You are crying, realizing that isn't getting you anywhere, stopping...looking at me, frowning and then crying again. Not a full blown cry more of a plea for help "save me, save me from this swing!!" Meanwhile I am typing this little message and thinking that in three short months you are going to start daycare and therefore you have to get used to being on your own for periods of time. It breaks my heart but there it is. Would that I could stay home with you ahd hold you forever I would...but that isn't the world we live in right now. I hope someday you'll understand and forgive me.

Okay, I can't stand your pouting anymore. I am going to pick you up and squeeze you to my chest. Off to change your diaper...which you LOVE by the way. No really you love a good diaper change - no joke. xoxo Mommy