Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catch Your Eye

Over the last month there have been certain items around the apartment that have really caught your attention.  Of course I already told you that you are obsessed with the ceiling fan - and that remains true.  But as of late you have a few additional friends...

One is your mobile.  Apparently your mobile must talk back to you in your imagination because you really enjoy lying in your cradle talking to it.  It is an Infant Stim-Mobile and so I change the pieces occasionally.  Just recently I changed the pieces from all black and white to those with color.  It is pretty amazing because you notice which pieces have changed and you inspect them carefully.  I am sure you want to make sure these newcomers are up to par to your other buddies on the mobile. 

Another new friend is the pattern on your swing.  Just the other day I noticed that you were suspiciously quiet in your swing...I looked over and Daddy and I noticed that you had turned your head and were simply staring at your swing chair fabric.  Obviously I made a good choice when I picked it out - I chose it because it has some of my favorite colors, brown and grown.  But I think you like it because it is a very intricate paisley pattern.  To be perfectly honest I worry about you going cross-eyed looking at it, on the other as a textile artist I encourage your exploration of textile patterns. 
And last, but not least, is a set of silk peonies that I have.  For some reason you think those flowers are Hilarious!  You just look at them and laugh...and you get the biggest smile.  I am not sure what jokes they are telling you but apparently they are a riot.  I can't wait to see what else catches your eye as time goes on.  

xoxo Mommy

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