Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Room

Last night we spent the evening reorganizing your room. Which was pretty impressive considering half of the time you tried to foil our plans by crying - something about being hungry I believe. Of course our motivation was your new crib which is being delivered this morning. So we had to get a move on! (Baby's Dream Serenity in Antique Black)

We eventually got through it. Daddy and I moved the furniture 3 times before we got it Just Right. I'd like to point out that the furniture ended up in the exact spot I had envisioned the first time we saw your room. So there, my love, your mother has vision...just remember that in the future!

I am psyched to decorate your room. Abuelala is getting your cribset. It is a beautiful handmade set of oranges, almonds, beiges, and browns. The designer print fabric has little birds on it which will go great with my next idea...wall decals. The ones I want for your room are a birdcage decal. I think they will go really well with the French sleighbed style of your crib. I am also planning to paint an old wardrobe that used to belong to Boompa and put a birdcage decal on that as well.

I also want to find handles to replace the wood handles on the wardrobe. Maybe Aunt LDR will help Mommy's search for handles. Then paint of course to paint the wardrobe, Daddy is thinking an apple green which would go well with the black crib.

After that I think your room will be good to go. For now at least. I am sure I'll have another brainstorm in a week or so. xo Mommy

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