Friday, June 5, 2009

No sleep till Brooklyn

Well my love we just spent the week in Connecticut. Our first reason for going there was to find out whether or not we could have you baptized at the church where Daddy was baptized. We went to church on Sunday and you were awesome. First of all you looked so a white smocked dress with blue, brown, and pink embroidery, and brown leggings to match. Great outfit I must say so. You slept through the whole sermon and woke up right at the end. Good timing. Personally I think you enjoyed the sounds of everyone singing and talking.

Secondly, we went to Connecticut because your Aunt C and cousins S and T are there for two weeks. And because I made a promise to myself that you would know your cousins growing up as much as humanly possible...well we stayed at Mema and Boompa's house for a week with them.

It was quite a week. You were on excellent behavior and I think were fascinated by your cousins, who, at age 1 and 2, are two balls of energy. I hope you won't go out of your mind bored once we are home alone again. You did a great job of sitting on my lap and watching them play, scream, walk, screech, and occasionally bite and push each other. It was educational for you in the least.

Your cousins were not the only ones you were enamored with. You absolutely adore your Boompa...everytime you glance in his direction results in a big smile on your face. You found your Aunt C absolutely hilarious - she had the great ability to make you laugh so hard. One night she had you laughing so much that both Mema and I had tears in our eyes from laughing ourselves. It was hilarious.

Speaking of Mema, she insisted on keeping you one night so that I could sleep (you are still eating every 2hrs at night these days) and I resisted all week...until our last night in Connecticut. And my baby girl you definitely lived up to your would NOT sleep in the Pack n Play, you kept making your I-want-to-sleep-but-can't noises, you wet through your diaper and had to have your clothes and the sheets changed (which meant Boompa had to wake up and hold you while Mema changed the sheets), and the evening ended up with Mema taking you down to the television room because you would only sleep on the soft comfy couch. I warned them. I told them that you were the Princess and the Pea. Does anyone believe me? Meanwhile I could barely sleep without you nearby...don't was the first time I ever slept away from you for a whole night! It is a big deal! But we both survived. Needless to say it was rough but it was a big lesson for us both. We can do it - when we have to that is.

You also met many of Mema's friends. Some we met out at Breakfast with the Ladies, and others stopped by the house to meet you and Cousin T. You were charming as usual and gave all the appropriate smiles and coos. See you already have good manners! Let's keep it up.

All in all we are back home now and Daddy is very happy to have us back. He walked in the door and you glowed at him. It was just what he needed after our being gone for a week. Hahaha I just realized we got minimal sleep this literally was No sleep till Brooklyn...


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