Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rock-a-bye baby Update

It is 10:50pm, Sunday night, and both you and Daddy are asleep! I hardly know what to do with myself. Daddy isn't feeling so hot...he has been really sick lately...practically sick every other weekend since you were born. Sigh, I know, it is tough. I am really worried about him.

Stress has a lot to do with sickness. Abuelala has drilled that into my head and I am sure that I will drill it into yours. Maybe part of why Daddy has been sick so often is because his head is so filled with worrying about you and me...working for us, staying up late with us, and generally being concerned with our little family. You and I will have to make Father's Day really special for him this year and let him know we appreciate him.

Anyway...if you read my last post then you'll know that at 4mos old you are not exactly sleeping a lot at one go yet. Basically you have been waking up every 2 hours to eat. has been fun for us both let me tell you. Wink. But, I am not going crazy, not pulling my hair out. I figure you are little once and if you need to eat then you need to eat. I know that you'll grow out of it eventually and that is that. It is also why you have been sleeping in a cradle in our room...less distance to travel every 2 hours when you do want to eat. And, let me clarify, you don't exactly "wake up" - you mostly groan and make fussing noises with your eyes close indicating that you are hungry. If I don't respond and let you continue fussing...well THEN you wake up...usually with quite a bit of crying. We all like to avoid that so I get you as quickly as possible.

But...recently you have been periodically sleeping more at night. More meaning 3+hrs at a time. AND, last night was the first night that you slept in your crib in your own room. It was really hard for me. I could hardly sleep because I kept glancing at the monitor to make sure it was working and that you were okay. You went to bed at 9:30pm and I actually woke you at 12:30am to eat...and then you slept until 3:30am! Daddy and I actually watched a whole movie at once - we were both shocked. It was amazing...I am so proud of you!

Tonight you fell asleep around 9:30pm, woke up at 10pm because you were hungry, and then went back to sleep. I know I need to go to bed so that I will be awake later when you wake up...but it is so hard for me to sleep with you in the crib. We don't live in a big apartment but you feel so far away! We decided to move you from the cradle because you started moving around a lot while sleeping and I think the cradle was too confining - you kept waking up crying because your face was next to the bars. To the crib it is then.

Oh and went to Ikea for the first time today, where we bought you a new bigger play mat. You have definitely outgrown the tiny one you inherited from your cousin. AND sure enough we got home and you proved your need for a bigger mat by rolling over again. You work your way all the way to the edge and then roll is pretty cute. Right now you only roll over on your left side. We'll have to work on your right. So much activity my love. I just can't get over how quickly you are growing.

Well it is 11:36pm. You are still asleep but I shouldn't push my luck. I will go to bed and listen for you. Sweet dreams.


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