Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Your First Piercing...

ear piercing that is.  Wink.  I of all people cannot exactly limit any future  piercings you may want because that would be quite hypocritical - you'll understand when you are older.

Anyway - it is done!  I have been worrying about where we would be able to get your ears pierced since before you were even born.  It is a big tradition in Abuelala's family to have little girls' ears pierced as soon as possible.  In the past Drs used to do it - but now they won't.  Hospitals also won't do them anymore...  So where does that leave us?  Well, with earring stores like Claire's.  Of course I was not into that idea at all.  My idea of Claire's was a bunch of teeny bopper cashiers that had no idea what they were doing with a cash register let alone a piercing gun.  

Luckily my fears were unwarranted.  We stopped into Claire's while Abuelala was visiting and asked what the deal was.  Apparently, at least at this Claire's, they are very experienced in piercing babies.  Great!  Of course Abeulala insisted on asking who the best baby piercer was and demanded that she do it.  Heh.  Big surprise - wink.  She is looking out for you of course!  So after making sure I had all the appropriate paperwork, and picking out a yellow gold pair of earrings for you (out of nostalgia - my first pair were yellow gold too), we were ready to go.  You sat on Abuelala's lap and the store manager pierced you one ear at a time while Abuelala held your head against her chest.  I stood there wincing...  You cried.  A lot.  But no more than you do when you get your shots at the Drs office.  And we had a bottle ready to pacify you.  10 minutes later you were fine...as if nothing had even happened.

I am so proud of you.  You did a great job.  Hmmm I wonder if this experience foreshadows things to come in you future.  More piercings?  Tattoos?  Well at least I have time to think about that...



Update:  A week later and I am happy to say that your ears are beautiful and totally fine.  No infections or issues at all.  Good job!  Ah, the things we do for beauty.

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