Friday, May 8, 2009

Ms. March goes to Washington (well...Virginia really...)

The last time I wrote to you I said we were going to Virginia to visit your cousins. Well...we went! And I must say, you were AWESOME in the car! Seriously, we drove from Connecticut to Virginia with Boompa and Mema and you slept for most of the ride. I wanted you to know what a champ you are.

Now the girls on the other be fair I shouldn't say girls because Portia was very good. Paisley got upset being in her crate for so long and she scratched a hole into her crate and got out! Those dogs of yours...really. We arrived at the hotel, which was very nice and the people were very friendly to both you and the dogs, and as Boompa checked in Mema noticed that Paisley had "escaped" and was walking around the hotel! What a little pain she can be.

Our room was very beautiful. We had a king sized bed which you thought was so much fun to lie on and kick after being in the car seat for hours. Then we were off to see your cousins.

Cousin S, Cousin T, Aunt C and Uncle S live in a cute little house in Arlington. It is really brightly painted and decorated with all sorts of exotic things that your Aunt and Uncle have picked up on their travels. They are talking about moving so I am describing it here because it may not be the house that you grow up remembering them living in. Anyway, your Aunt is pretty fastidious but since having two children she has become more relaxed. So although everything still has its place there were toys to be played with on the floor and it was really fun. You really enjoyed it because you were able to sit on someone's lap and take in whatever your cousins were doing.

This was our first time meeting Cousin T and you were enamored right off the bat. You had already been enchanted with her photograph that we have on the refrigerator so it was really fun to see you react to her in person. She was very happy, spirited, has quite a personality, and aside from looking different from the rest of the family you cannot tell that she is adopted. I am so glad that you have another cousin and I hope you two will be as close as I have always been with my female cousins. I have a feeling that you and she will give S a run for his money.

I am so glad that we are blessed with such a healthy growing family. My cousins were a big part of my life growing up - and they continue to be in my life today. I really want that for you too.

xoxo Mommy

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