Monday, May 11, 2009

First Mother's Day

Thank you, thank you, thank you little girl! I had the best mother's day ever. was my first after all. Wink.

You and Daddy took me to the Peacock Cafe in Georgetown. It is my favorite place to go to brunch in DC. I have been dreaming of their Steak and Eggs since we moved to New York. They make the best skinny fries that they serve alongside the steak and they are absolutely delicious!

So while the rest of the family (your Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and Grandparents) went off to Dim Sum - Daddy swept me away to eat breakfast with you at the Peacock Cafe. Yay! And I enjoyed a morning cocktail of champagne and pomegranate - champagne being my favorite of course - alongside my steak. It was really perfect. Plus, to top it off, the cafe was giving flowers to every mother. It was amazing!

As we ate breakfast there was a little girl sitting near us and she kept looking over at our table and pointing. She'd point to you and say "baby." Then she'd point to me and Daddy and say "baby's Mommy" and "baby's Daddy." It was the first time someone called me Mommy that I really felt like a Mommy. I was so happy I wanted to thank her.

On top of the amazing breakfast surprise you also gave me a beautiful pair of earrings. They are hammered silver open hoops. Very cool. Very unique. Just my kind of earrings. Wink.

After breakfast the three of us walked around Georgetown. The weather was perfect. I can't remember a time when I was happier or more pleasantly surprised. You and Daddy did an awesome job.

Thank you baby girl...

xoxo Mommy

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