Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ah how time flies...

Oh my squishette - how sadly Mommy has fallen behind in her posts. So much has changed. Right now you are rolling around on the floor with Daddy in between walking (yes walking) the apartment circuit from your room, through the living room, into our bedroom. It is bedtime but you are clearly not interested in sleeping. In fact, I just got tagged by you as I am typing this and you have stuck your tongue out and are laughing after burying your face in my thigh.

Obviously - I have serious time to make up. I have taken notes on the big milestones in your first year. Unfortunately what with work and new family developments I haven't had time to write to you. But, hopefully I am taking steps towards a change. I am realizing that maybe writing to my squishette is just as important to maintaining my sanity as it is to record your journey growing up.

Speaking of, Daddy just had to play referee as you almost sat on Paisley. Paisley - the 3 lb Yorkie who is clearly no match for your 25lb tush as well meaning as it might be. Okay you just walked out of your bedroom carrying Jirafa your bedtime maybe the time to swoop you into your crib has come.

Sweet dreams,


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