Monday, October 19, 2009

Adam and Eve had many advantages but the principle one is that they escaped teething. - Mark Twain

Baby girl, my Squishette, Mommy has be sorely absent from writing you any messages. I am so sorry - but work has kept me very very very busy...and when I get home I like to squish you as opposed to write on the computer. Don't fret - I have notes of the messages I need to fill in on. Have no fear - I haven't forgotten anything...

BUT. Tonight I HAD to write because (...drum roll...) I felt your FIRST TOOTH!!! I KNOW IT IS AMAZING!!!

It is your bottom front right (when I face you it is front left) and a sharp little edge is sticking out bursting through those beautiful pink little gums. I can see, after probing through your mouth, that the bottom front left is also trying to come through...but he hasn't popped up yet. Maybe this is why you are so so so crabby lately. [Sorry Squishette, but you have been especially needy lately. You won't even let Daddy hold you because all you want is "ama" - which is your special name for Mommy. Don't worry...Daddy's feelings aren't hurt...he knows sometimes you just need your Mommy. You'll make it up to him in time I am sure.]

I am very excited. I am sure it is going to hurt, and we'll all have to live through the pain, but it is still very awesome! Congrats baby girl!!!


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