Friday, December 24, 2010

December 24, 2010

I'm sitting upstairs in the "west wing" of Mema and Boompa's house while you [Squishette and Squisherella] are downstairs with Daddy. I'm sick, I'm not avoiding you on purpose, I promise. But, being up here alone even if it has only been a mere 10 minutes has given me time to think. I've been thinking about why I haven't had time to write To My Squishette... over the last year of 2010 and I have come up with few reasons:

First of all I went back to work which is always tough for any mommy but especially me. The last thing I wanted to do when I came home was type on the computer after being surrounded by computers all day.

Secondly I was cooking up Squisherella. That took all the strength Mommy had and my 2nd pregnancy only added to my tiredness at night and the need to simply sit down and relax.

But - most of all - I wanted to spend every waking moment of Squishette's time awake with her. Even though that meant a lot of sitting near you while you played with Daddy on the floor it was still time together. I couldn't do a lot of carrying you while I was pregnant with Squisherella - my back was in poor condition and you aren't even two yet...therefore very squirmy which is difficult to manage when you have a very big belly in front of you!

I realize now, as I am preparing to welcome Santa tonight, that it is very important to document everything I can about your lives. Even if I set aside 5 minutes each evening after I have tucked you into bed [while Squishette chants "maaaaawmmy, daaaaaddy, miiiiilky!"] it is important to remember every little silly thing that you do.

I was never one for thinking up and keeping my New Year's Resolutions. The first of January always came by and I'd think to myself "oh right, I should come up with some resolution to commit to" and that would be as much thought as I would give it. But this year I am going to resolve to have a few resolutions...and one of them is to commit to writing To My Squishette... I won't promise how much...but I promise I will write and it will be memorable.

I love you my girls...


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